Igniting the fire within while supporting the body to surrender 


Esoteric Chakra-puncture

Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a technique that consists of needles applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring an energetic harmonious balance.  The needles are very fine, disposable (single use) and sterile. Chakra-puncture can support a persons health & wellbeing and is complementary to traditional medicine.  For more information on Chakra-puncture visit the Chakra-puncture website.

What to expect when getting Chakra-puncture...

All Chakra-puncture sessions start with a simple consultation allowing the client to land smoothly into their session and have time to share and express. The client then moves to the table to proceed with the bodywork component part of the session (it is important to wear suitable loose clothing in order to allow ease in applying the needles) .  Chakra-puncture is known for its gentle needling technique, with needles so soft they can not be applied with out the protective safety sheath. Needles are applied in specific configurations on the body that serve the purpose of restoring energetic harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being.


During a Chakra-puncture treatment there is a deep inner connection to self felt by the client.  It is not uncommon for clients to drop into a space of sleep and deep surrender. Through the specific configurations the session supports the transmutation and/or energetic clearing of what is disharmonious in the body allowing a re-calibration of the body back to a more harmonious state.  Client's often wake feeling revitalised with at times a deeper sense of clarity and connection around their everyday choices.


Chakra-puncture is not based on any acupuncture or traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, instead it is based on the energetic principles and philosophy known as The Science of the Nadis, which is the science of our energetic cells.

After experiencing Chakra-puncture I felt less anxious and overwhelmed, reducing my need to eat and supporting me to lose weight.  I felt connected to a stillness and  joy within me and find it much easier to manage my everyday.