deeply connect to your sacredness and power


Esoteric Breast Massage

Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is a specialised women’s health technique practiced by women for women. It supports the development of increased body and breast awareness, with the intention of inspiring a deepening sense of responsibility for both body and breast care. 

What to expect when getting an EBM...

An EBM session involves a short consultation allowing the woman space to share whatever she may feel to, this is followed by a gentle massage technique of light, circular movements once warmed specific EBM cream and then oil have been applied to the outer edges of the breast.  The EBM focuses primarily on the cardiovascular (chest) and lymphatic regions of a woman's torso with no intentional touch to the breast tissue or nipple area. The warmed room and towels create a suitable environment for the client to feel at ease and able to connect to themselves deeply during the session. Throughout the session the client is covered with various towelling and only ever exposed when necessary.

The EBM is suitable for women in all stages of life (18 and over) and can support with physical symptoms such as painful breasts, breast lumps, mastitis, lactation disorders, menstrual disorders, menopause, PCOS and PMT as well emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, self-worth issues, body image issues and relationship issues.  

The EBM is a highly honouring modality, with full integrity women are offered a safe and nurturing space to confirm and deepen their connection to their innermost, understanding themselves from a space of being – what they already are, as opposed to a space of doing – what they achieve, this offers a potentially new relationship with themselves, one that is naturally steady, sacred and powerful.  For more information about the Esoteric Breast Massage visit Foundational Breast Care.   

The experiences that I have had during my Esoteric Breast Massages with Jessica have been profound. Through the tender loving support of Jess I have been able to feel a depth of stillness and beauty that resides in all women. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to feel the truth of who we all are.