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Energetic Facial Release

Energetic Facial Release is a deeply nurturing hands on healing technique for both men and women. It consists of different hand configurations gently applied to different parts of the face with light massage. Our face holds the experiences and emotions of our day to day life.  The Energetic Facial release supports the client by bringing awareness and clearing emotions. 

What to expect when getting Energetic Facial Release...

Our face is very much part of who we are and how we engage in life, however how often do we give our face the support and self-care it requires? Just like our bodies our face is communicating to us too, whether it’s a tension in the jaw, tired puffy eyes or dark circles, headaches or tender temples all of this indicates some form dis-ease in our life and/or a holding of undealt with emotions.


Energetic facial release can gently assist in clearing emotions such as anger, frustration, resentment, sadness, pain and grief. During the treatment the client can sometimes feel the body gently releasing as the body is offered space to integrate these undealt with emotions.   Prior to commencing the gentle massage warm cream is applied to the face supporting and soothing the skin, this cream also supports the massage in releasing tensions in the face and lets the clients deeply surrender often into a space of deep rest or sleep.  It is ideal for the client to arrive with clean skin and minimal make-up. 

The session allows space for the client and practitioner to talk prior to commencing the treatment.  The energetic facial release can be used in conjunction with an Esoteric Healing session or with any other Esoteric modality or as a stand-alone treatment.

I never realised my face held so much tension.  The facial release was so amazing especially as parts of my face such as my cheeks a rarely touched and it just felt so soothing to give my face the self-care it really needed. Jess's touch is very delicate and I felt very safe to let down and relax.