Deepen your awareness to make true choice.


Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy offers clients an opportunity to co-create a field that supports growth and lasting change.  

I work as a body orientated psychotherapist, supporting clients to connect to their bodies deeply and establish a self-caring rhythm with an emphasis on personal responsibility.  I believe that healing begins when we build a loving connection with our innermost body and soul. From this deep connection we are guided to make better choices that improve our wellbeing, relationships and ultimately our vitality and quality of life.    

As a psychotherapist working in private practice my focus is on the subjective experience of my clients – i.e. their own feelings about the issue/s with which they present. Developing understanding around what we feel and further to this, deepening our awareness to why we are feeling this is central to health, well-being and healing.  I believe psychotherapy can provide a context in which clients can engage with this subjective experience allowing them to gain greater awareness, fostering the opportunity to make true choices and breaking free from their adapted self that is now outdated and no longer truly serving. 

I have journeyed through my own personal therapeutic work and developed an ever-deepening connection with my own body and soul, this in addition to the highly experiential studies in a masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy and training in Esoteric Modalities and Philosophy have informed my highly relational approach.  

I have a suite of modalities that complement theses foundations and support clients in their recovery and healing; these include:

What to expect when working with me . . .

Each client is unique and the work unfolds to suit the issues and needs of each person. I have always been interested in the energetic dynamics within and between beings and the influence of the field around us on our mind, body and soul.

I therefore engage with both the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds, and how these intersect. Working intuitively, my approach is impulsed by the clients' needs, working in the here-and-now we explore the past as and when it feels relevant.


Safety and trust are paramount to my approach in building a relationship with each client.  I work from a knowing that we all already have a foundation of truth, love and purpose - our work is to reconnect with this foundation.

Online Support

I see many clients who live interstate or overseas via Skype.  The work unfolds with the same care and connection as in person. I always recommend Skype clients have a private space to have their session and a 

good internet connection - this lays the necessary foundations for the therapeutic work to take place.  Although working via Skype is limited due to distance, I still work from a whole-body approach often enquiring somatically, supporting the client to stay connected to their physical sensations.  


In addition to working online via Skype I also travel to Sydney and Melbourne offering in-person sessions in Psychotherapy & Counselling as well as Esoteric Therapies. If you would like to be on my mailing list to be informed of when I am visiting interstate get in touch here