Integrative Bodywork

In addition to my Gestalt qualification I have also obtained further training in Somatic Psychotherapy this coupled with my other energetic bodywork trainings offers a unique suite of Integrative Bodywork. 


Integrative Bodywork sessions assist the client by facilitating a deep reconnection to the healing wisdom of the body. Lasting change is optimised when talking therapy, that brings understanding can be integrated with bodywork that reconfigures our old patterns.  

Clients could seek a body focused therapy for a wide range of outcomes, which often include the development of self awareness through exploration and expression and increased self regulation.  

This approach can help deepen a sense of connection to oneself and others and can improve body sensing, relieve stress, balance the nervous system, and by ‘mobilising’ posture, uncover attitudes that have supported physical and energetic blockages that do not support living their true vitality. It also can support exploring patterns of emotional and physical contraction and expansion as well as develop a sense of deepening and development in oneself.  

Because of the specific theories and techniques relating to the process of embodiment, therapist that work somatically are uniquely placed to assist clients recovering from trauma, offering a client a secure space to re-visit their trauma, allowing closure by releasing the energy buildup from the original physical reaction safely and gradually.Understanding that what took place can be cleared from the body allowing the client to regain a sense of deeper understanding and autonomy over their body and process. 

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