A Bit About Me...

I was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Through my early 20’s I started searching for a profession that supported my passion and skills. My tertiary education led me on a journey of careers however through this time I completed qualifications in Interior & Merchandise Design, Event Management and Marketing and worked in a variety of industries.

It wasn’t until I had my own mental and physical health concerns experiencing depressive moods and later being diagnosed with PCOS that I started to commit to my own healing through personal therapeutic work which sparked a further investigation in health and well-being. 


It was at this point that I felt a true call to want to support others with their vitality, health and wellness. 


In 2014, I graduated with a Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy and have done further Somatic Psychotherapy training to support the therapeutic work I offer.


My four-year Gestalt Psychotherapy training was highly experiential and was taught from the ethos that to truly support a client to turn over their own stones and explore themselves more deeply, one must have done their own exploration; so throughout this time I continued with weekly sessions, completing six years of my own personal therapy. 


When working with a client I have a highly relational approach, offering them genuine connection and a transparency that allows trust and healing to take place. 


I wouldn’t be able to work with this level authenticity if I hadn’t done my own personal work, it has supported me to embody new levels of awareness, question and discard negative beliefs I had adopted and to expand and develop an innate authority that can only come from a space of truly knowing oneself, and feeling comfortable within my own skin. Having worked through my own struggles and challenges I am able to hold a client to explore theirs. 

Throughout my academic studies in Psychotherapy I also trained in various Integrative Bodywork modalities and completed further academic studies in Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition with Nature Care College. 


In addition to talking-based therapies, the Integrative Bodywork I offer supports clients to connect to themselves more deeply and develop a quality of life that fosters vitality and well-being; the therapies and the teachings that underpin them have had a life-changing impact on my own personal health and quality of life and therefore my ability to support clients with theirs.


In 2014, I started working in Private Practice offering Psychotherapy and Integrative Body Work and as they complement each other equally, often a mixture of the two.


In 2015, I completed further training and workshops in Canine Therapy and Creative therapies and now offer an extensive suite of techniques and/or modalities that can support the diverse clients that come to me. 


The Living in Connection Team: Mother-Daughter duo Jessica Hallock and Jean Gamble

 In addition to my private practice I recently founded Living in Connection. Together with my business partner Jean Gamble we offer presentations, workshops and retreats designed to foster a better quality of day-to-day living that supports lasting change.


Living in Connection provides tailored support to empower participants to claim back their health and vitality. Our services are complementary to traditional medicine and we strive to work collaboratively with Medical and Allied Health industries.

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